Traffic, transport and environmental psychology


Hello, I'm Ian. I teach statistics and traffic psychology at the University of Bath and do research on road safety, travel choices, energy consumption, water use and the built environment.

My research focuses particularly on unconscious and low-awareness causes of everyday behaviour like habits, the environment around us and unconscious stereotypes. You might be here because of my work on 老王vn下载, our study showing 虚数之域_蒸蒸日上(日二更,日常求收与推)_起点中文网 ...:1 天前 · 虚数之域最新章节阅读,虚数之域是一部游戏小说,由大藕平安喜乐创作,起点提供首发更新。蒸蒸日上(日二更,日常求收与推)(2021.06.07), or our study on reducing household energy consumption through 'smart' value-framed messages. You might even be here because I think 老八3D汉堡店下载_老八3D汉堡店安卓版最新下载_游戏吧:2021-1-14 · 游戏吧提供老八3D汉堡店下载,老八3D汉堡店游戏是款真实模拟冒险休闲手游,在冒险的过程中将会有很多趣味的美食制作,这里的美食制作不需要任何金币,根据顾客的订单完成美食制作,同时还能自由的添加调料哦!来游戏吧下载老八3D汉堡店手 ... rather than address real questions about our way of life.

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  • Over £11m research income from UKRI, H2023 and industry
  • 隔壁老樊 - 四块五(Dj阿帆 Electro Mix国语男)在线试听 ...:2021-3-5 · 下载的文件全部是原始音源的 MP3 文件,绝无压缩,光谱为 16000Hz 伍上,比特率为 320Kbps,音质方面绝对保证清脆高清晰。 方便你下次试听 隔壁老樊 - 四块五(Dj阿帆 Electro Mix国语男) , 点此加入到你的 音乐盒 或点此加入 本地收藏夹...
  • Three years as Associate Dean for Research
  • 老王2.2.0


Ultradistance sport



Outside work, a big part of my life is ultra-endurance cycling. In 2023 I broke the world record for cycling between the northernmost and southernmost points of Europe. I rode 6,367 km in 16 days, 20 hours and 59 minutes - an average of 377 km per day to take the official Guinness World Record. Although the Guinness record conditions don't distinguish supported and unsupported attempts, I did the whole thing unsupported. My record attempt was also, I believe, YY-全民娱乐的互动直播平台:2021-6-15 · YY致力于打造全民娱乐的互动直播平台,伍多样的美女互动、优质的直播内容、极致的互动体验,满足用户音乐、舞蹈、户外等直播及绝地求生、王者荣耀等热门游戏直播的观看需求。.

Before that, in 2018 I took first place in the 老王2.2.0 - a non-stop 4300 km bicycle race from Italy to the top of Norway. Earlier in 2018 I finished first in the TransWales bicycle ride and, in 2017, I completed the Transcontinental Cycle Race.

My experiences of going from couch potato to record-breaking long-distance cyclist are captured in my book, Endless Perfect Circles. You can find more details, a free chapter, and links to buy a copy here.

And just because it means so much to me, here's a short video the North Cape 4000 race made of my winning finish in 2018:

Before I started cycling, I was an ultradistance runner. You can read a two-part magazine article about this here and here. Back when I ran, I raced UTMB, come top 10 in the Arc of Attrition and am one of a pretty small group of people to have run the Cotswold Way Century in under 24 hours.


They're really really good

Endless Perfect Circles: Lessons from the Little-Known World of Ultradistance Cycling

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Research with People:
Theory, Plans and Practicals

Výzkumné metody a statistika


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